Oxford Climate Policy is a founding partner of the European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi). OCP works through ecbi to provide sustained capacity building for climate change negotiators to promote a level playing field between governments in the international climate negotiations, and to build trust between developed and developing country negotiators. 


This event was organised by the Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) and ecbi on 8 December 2018 in Katowice, Poland, during COP24. It showcased ideas for innovative, additional contributions to the funds of the UNFCCC Financial Mechanism and mechanisms to enhance their longer-term viability. Facilitated by Marzena Chodor, Co-Chair of the PCCB, the event was targeted at key stakeholders in the field of multilateral climate finance, including finance negotiators, representatives of relevant UNFCCC bodies, international financial institutions, NGOs, as...
08 December 2018
The 2018 ecbi Pre-COP Training Workshop took place on 1 December at the Focus Hotel in Katowice, Poland. The Workshop was attended by 28 negotiators from least developing countries (LDCs), who were attending the 24th Conference of Parties (COP24) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The workshop, which was attended by the LDC Chair and a representative of the Polish COP Presidency, included sessions on LDC Group priorities for COP24; the Conference agendas; climate diplomacy, the Talanoa...
01 December 2018
The Dynamic Contribution Cycle, designed during the 2014 ecbi Oxford Seminar to maximise space for future ambition in the Paris Agreement, revisited in light of recent developments and submissions to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
09 November 2018
The IPCC’s special report on Global Warming of 1.5°C recently highlighted the importance of early action against climate change. In this context, pre-2020 ambition becomes ever more critical. As the 2020 deadline approaches, this policy brief considers whether pre-2020 pledges on mitigation and climate finance have been met. It also provides an overview of the history of the pre-2020 negotiations; plans for upcoming sessions; key issues under discussion; and a set of key questions and recommendations for climate negotiators.
30 October 2018