Oxford Climate Policy is a founding partner of the European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi). OCP works through ecbi to provide sustained capacity building for climate change negotiators to promote a level playing field between governments in the international climate negotiations, and to build trust between developed and developing country negotiators. 


As the global climate change negotiations shift to implementation mode, the institutions and process of the global negotiations will also have to adapt and become fit for purpose. ecbi launched a report proposing new arrangements that reflect this new role during a Webinar on 26 March 2021. The Webinar was chaired by Kishan Kumarsingh, Co-Chair of the ecbi Advisory Committee. SBI Chair Marianne Karlsen made introductory remarks, while former UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo De Boer and Kumarsingh responded to the...
30 March 2021
Sharing experiences – particularly on the merits of different legislative approaches, lessons learnt, and good practices – can help drive efficient and successful implementation of climate action on the ground, and ultimately more ambitious action under the Paris Agreement. This policy brief considers the experience of four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa that have completed or initiated the process of developing framework laws: Kenya (the first country in Africa to adopt a climate change framework law), Eswatini, Nigeria, and Uganda.
29 March 2021
The term ‘response measures’ is not in regular use outside of the UNFCCC process, and is not easily understood by policymakers and stakeholders even within the process. This Guide aims to increase understanding of the topic, particularly among climate negotiators, to facilitate the UNFCCC negotiations on response measures.
26 March 2021
Les menaces créées par les changements climatiques se multiplient et les pays en développement vont avoir besoin de négociateurs capables de défendre leurs populations contre ces menaces. Ces guides de poche sont un apport à l’arsenal qu’il leur faudra déployer pour réussir. Nous espérons qu’ils seront utiles et que nous continuerons à recevoir vos retours d’information.
24 March 2021